20 day business courses - wedding craftsThe focus of our 20-day online courses is on practical business issues. You will need approx. 10 minutes each day to complete an online tutorial. While our business tutorials are written in an easy-to-read magazine style, they are packed with action points.

By signing up to any of our 20-day business courses, you are making a commitment to yourself and your business. You will spend a few minutes each day learning and reviewing your approach to pricing or social media. This will help you take action, improving your brand (or building your brand if you are new to the industry).

All our business courses are written with crafters and wedding suppliers in mind. The craft industry as well as the wedding industry are very unique and can be challenging. Crafters and wedding experts are under constant pressure to keep an eye on the latest trends to be able to provide a first class bespoke service, balancing costs and time management.

Our training courses will give you clarity and reassurance. Tutor support will be available throughout the whole course. Each day, you can submit your questions related to the topic covered. You can read the answer to your query as well as answers to questions by other students.

We currently offer the following 20-day courses: 

PRICING for Crafters and Wedding Suppliers (Next Course starts in February 2020)

How to use PINTEREST to promote handmade products or wedding services. (Next Course starts in April 2020)

How to use TWITTER to promote handmade products or wedding services. (Next Course starts in March 2020)