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9 Ways of Having an Eco Friendly Wedding

9 Ways of Having an Eco Friendly Wedding

1. Purchase Bio-Degradable Confetti

Confetti - Eco Friendly Wedding - BlogIt’s common for couples to decide to “keep things simple” only to find themselves spending hours trying to find the right type of confetti! So what options do you have? Paper confetti is a great choice. All types of paper are fine – rice, recycled or thin tissue. Watch out for coloured paper – low quality confetti can leave stains on fabrics. Dried flower petals are also a great eco-friendly choice.

2. Use Natural Materials

For a natural “Eco-Wedding” look, use materials such as raffia, jute, cotton or wool. Avoid buying items such as polyester drawstring bags filled with foiled chocolates or foiled balloons. Embossed paper boxes with sugared almonds would be much¬† better choice. Do visit our Pinterest Eco-Friendly Weddings Board some inspiration.

3. Swap Balloons for Paper Pom-Poms

Balloons are fun but they don’t decompose easily. Some types of balloons are biodegradable – to some degree. But the process of decomposing can be very slow. Instead of using foil or latex balloons, how about making paper pop-poms? A bit of tissue is all you need and you can have a lot of fun making them!

4. Source Flowers Locally

Sourcing local Lilies - Eco Friendly Wedding - Blogflowers can be an adventure. Find out from your florist which flowers will be in season on your wedding day. If you have time, buy seeds and grow blooms and plants.  A few pots with rosemary in your garden or on your balcony could produce enough fragrant springs to decorate your bouquet, centrepieces and pew decorations. Flower such as tulips, peonies or lilies are not too difficult to grow and look very romantic.

5. Choose DIY Projects

Can you think of a few more things you can make for your wedding? Maybe you could buy some fabric, (or even better, re-use old fabric) and make a simple ring cushion? Or could you create colourful origami or other paper decorations for your venue? Simple handmade decorations will impress your guests more than plastic bubble makers.

6. Order Local Food

To start your journey as Mr & Mrs in an eco-friendly style, don’t forget to give some thought to what type of food you order. If possible, choose a catering company with links to local farmers. Or, ask friends and family to help. Some of them might be able to visit farms and pick asparagus or strawberries for you, to be given to your caterer.

7. Rent Table Centrepieces

Purchasing tall vases and twigs covered in glitter is not always practical. You could re-sell these after the wedding but it might be worth checking what else is on offer. Your local wedding planners might have some impressive table centrepieces for hire, at a reasonable cost. They might even rent out beautiful photographic backdrops.

8. Choose Practical Wedding Favours

Soap - Eco Friendly Wedding - BlogIf you won’t have wedding favours at your wedding, your guests probably won’t miss them. Call us sentimental but we just love the idea of getting tiny little treats for all your loved ones. Wedding guests often travel from all corners of the world. We think that it’s just nice to have a tiny little gift sitting in front of them at their table. You don’t have to go overboard. A simple decorated cookie will make a great talking point. Or how about small soaps or natural soy candles?

9. Upcycle

When searching for wedding ideas online, you will notice that lots of DIY projects focus on “upcycled” objects such as bottles, mason jars and old wooden frames. A bit of gold paint or chalkboard paint can transform these small treasures into impressive vases or a seating plan. Upcycling can be time consuming but also very rewarding!


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