The latest “Innovations” components released by Swarovski for Professionals are inspired by The Power of Emotions. 

As usually, we are finding it difficult to choose our favourite bead shape ….as we love them all!

Those of you who set crystals into mounts will be interested in the new mesmerizing “kaleidoscope” collection. These come in three different shapes and sizes, eight colours and nine effects that are truly dazzling.

If you love wirework and jewellery making, your favourite will be probably the same as ours… the Princess Cut Pendant. As with all other Swarovski® components, these pendants are a joy to work with. You can turn these square crystal pendants to a pair of luxury earrings simply by attaching an ear wire. Or you can add a small bicone bead above the pendant as we did. We chose Sapphire crystal colour shade for our project. These earrings could be worn by the bride as “something blue”.

And there is more!  The latest Innovations also include round spike flat back stones and crystal stones in vibrant colours for “Colourful Self-Expression”. 

No words will do justice to all these pretty beads so here is the link to Swarovski® The Power of Emotions Innovations videos:

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