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Five Ways of Lighting Up Your Wedding Venue with Candles

Five Ways of Lighting Up Your Wedding Venue with Candles

1. Choose Colourful Candles that match Your Wedding Colour Theme

Wedding Venue with CandlesWhether your wedding colour palette consists of bright bold colours or gentle colour shades, you could buy a set of candles to match the theme.

You might be able to find exactly what you are looking for in local shops. Try browsing in gardening centres, home decor shops as well as discount stores.

If you don’t find the right candles or candle holders locally or online, don’t worry. You could easily purchase glass paints and create DIY candle holders by applying glass enamel over simple small glass cups.

We recommend purchasing high quality brushes when painting glass, for a smooth finish.

The picture on the right shows a selection of candles in glass, in five different colours. Greenery that surrounds the candles completes the colour scheme, introducing two shades of green.


2. Set the Atmosphere with DIY Floating Candles

If you are keen on simple DIY projects, then floating candles could be just the thing for you!

Floating candles can be purchased in bulk, as can bowls or glasses. Floating candles can be arranged in a large shallow bowl. Petals or small flowers could be added to float on the water surface, creating a truly romantic look.

Or, you could use small glasses, such as those shown on the photo on the left. These glasses could have all the same size or you could group various sizes. Place one candle into each glass and once you add water, you are done!

If you feel creative, add pebbles or shells to the bottom of each glass. Crystals or pearls will also look beautiful at the bottom of the glass or the bowl.

Colourful floating candles are another option. Here again, you could either settle on one colour shade or you could combine various colours, to match your wedding colour theme.


3. Choose Candle Carousels for “Something Different”

Candle Holder with HeartsCandles carrousels are sold under various names:

Rotating Candle Holder

Candle Mobile

Rotary Carousel

Spinning Votive Candle

… to name just a few.

The heat produced by the candle sets the decoration on top in motion. Candle carousel can be very mesmerizing and you also get a bit of shadow play. If you want your wedding candles to become a talking point, this might be the type of candle to go for!

Candle carousels can be ordered online and are very easy to assemble. You should be able to find carousels with various motifs such as hearts, butterflies or roses from various online suppliers.

Silver plated candle carousels are probably most common but you will be also able to find carousels in gold, copper and brass finish.

4. Jazz up Your Venue with Glass Candle Lanterns

DIY Wedding

Wedding candle lanterns will look amazing at any wedding venue. They are probably most popular at outdoor wedding receptions.

There are various types of glass lanterns. You might like lanterns with a DIY feel, such as the  mason jar lanterns you can see on the photo. Or, you might prefer square glass lanterns with metallic lining.

Candle lanterns can be incorporated into table centrepieces or floral arrangements.

If you get a set of three lanterns in different sizes and place a few flowers in between these lanterns, you will be amazed by the result. Roses or hydrangea look particular stunning when placed next to lanterns.

Hanging lanterns are popular with all true romantics. If you decide to make your own DIY glass lanterns, make sure that all flammable materials such as ribbon are far enough from the flame and that there are some holes or gaps for air to flow through.

Decorative metal chain is probably the best choice of material when it comes to hanging lanterns.

For a truly unique look, choose candle lanterns with etched glass effects or with metallic filigree detailing. Stain glass lanterns are also sure to create a wow factor at your wedding.

5. Use Dinner Candles to create a Timeless Feel

For a classic look, choose tall dinner candles.

Ask your friends what type of dinner candles might look best at your weddings. Many people like pure white or ivory candles but others might come up with some wonderful ideas such as gold coloured, purple or burgundy candles.

Candles in gentle colour shades such as ballet pink or sage green will also look amazing.

You could use very simple candle holders. Or, choose candle holders that will stand out, such as tall crystal candle holders or brass candle holders. These will need to match or complement the rest of the table decorations.

Dinner candles give wedding tables a luxurious feel. They look amazing when placed at the centre of the table, over a table runner made of lace or any other beautiful fabric.

Dinner candles stand out on photographs and will make your wedding venue the perfect timeless backdrop where the most wonderful memories can be captured on camera.

Whichever type of candle you choose, consider saving some for later. Use these ‘leftover’ candles to decorate your table at your first wedding anniversary or at special occasions you will share as the new Mr. & Mrs.

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  1. I love the floating candle concept. We had attended a sweet sixteen right before the pandemic struck and there were floating candles at each of the tables with shells rocks and beach glass in the containers and they looked amazing.

  2. We used floating candles for my daughter’s wedding. We bought large goblets at the dollar store, added some colorful stones to the bottom, filled them with water, and popped the candles in. They really added to the ambiance and were an inexpensive decoration.

  3. Kat

    I love the floating candles, they create so much atmosphere. Maybe it’s because I love anything to do with water, but they would definitely be on my wish list for a wedding or other celebration. This post reminds me to take out some candles and light them at dinnertime.

  4. We had floating candles in our centrepieces and I LOVED that special touch that it gave. I’ve never seen anything like the candle carousels before – they are so creative and a lot of fun!!! Anyone looking for ideas and inspiration is sure to find something that clicks for them here with the different options you shared.

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