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PomPoms – Wedding DIY Project

PomPoms – Wedding DIY Project

Each PomPom is approx. 20cm wide. PomPoms can be used to decorate the wedding reception area or certain parts of the venue, such as the entrance, the photo booth or the cake area.

PomPoms – Image Gallery: 

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You will need: 

3x 75cm x 50cm tissue paper (1x white, 1x light blue, 1x blue)

3x 70cm waxed cotton cord (blue)

9x 1cm acrylic heart-shaped beads (optional)


If you would like to purchase our DIY craft kit to make three BLUE Ombre PomPoms, please click here.

How to Make Ombre PomPoms:


Cut the tissue paper into squares 25cm wide. Layer the tissue paper. Each layer should consist of three sheets. (That’s nine sheets in total) The darkest colour should be at the bottom, the white paper on top.



Accordion fold the tissue.
The folds should be 2cm apart. Now we have a long rectangle, 2cm x 25cm.





Tie the end of the cord around the centre of the long narrow rectangle.
Trim the short end of the cord.






Option 1 – Dahlia : For the “Dahlia” look, cut off all corners, making the ends pointy.




Option 2 – Peony : For the “Peony” look, cut the ends into semicircles, as shown on the picture above.





Option 3 – Dandelion:
For the “Dandelion” look, open the folds first. Then, cut approx. 2cm into the tissue, forming thin stripes.




STEP 5: 
The process of unfolding the layers is the same, whether you chose Dahlia, Peony or Dandelion.
If you haven’t done so already, open the folds, forming a fan.




Start separating the layers carefully, layer by layer. Work slowly, otherwise the tissue will tear.
Repeat on the other side.






Work your way to the last layer at the bottom.
Adjust the layers as needed, making the pompom round. Be very careful not to tear the tissue paper.





You could tie a knot above the pompom and slide on heart-shaped beads.


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