To make this sparkly pendant necklace you will need: 1x 18”silver-plated chain, 1x 7mm silver-plated bail, 30cm silver-plated wire, 5x Swarovski 4mm xilion bicone beads, colour: crystal comet argent light (silver), 5x Preciosa drop diamantes 1cm x 0.6cm in silver metal clasp, 1x white organza bag 7cm x 9cm, wire cutters and round nose pliers.

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STEP 1: Form two bends in the middle of the wire. The gap in between the bends should be 4mm wide.





STEP 2: Pull both ends through the back of a diamante setting, as shown on the photo above.





STEP 3: Slide a crystal bead onto the lower wire.






STEP 4: Keep pulling both wires through drop diamantes. After adding each diamante, slide a crystal bead onto the lower wire.





STEP 5: After you add all five diamantes and five crystals, tighten the wire, pushing the narrow parts of the drop diamantes together.




STEP 6: Pull both wires though the holes in the setting of the first diamante.





STEP 7: Bring the wires together and twist a double wire segment approx. 3cm long.





STEP 8: Try to twist the wire as evenly as possible.






STEP 9: Use round nose pliers to create a loop approx. 3mm above the ornament.





STEP 10: The loop should be approx. 3mm wide.






STEP 11: Wrap the twisted wire neatly around the short segment in between the loop and the ornament.





STEP 12: Cut off all remaining wire, using wire cutters. Press on the wire ends, tucking the wire ends in, slotting them under the wrapped loop.




STEP 13: Using pliers or your hands, open the bail, making the gap wider.





STEP 14: Insert the chain necklace and the ornament into the bail.





STEP 15: Use pliers to close the bail, making the gap within the bail narrow.





Congratulation on making a diamante Pendant Necklace.


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