If you are thinking about enrolling in our BH&J course (Bridal Headpieces and Jewellery) but are not sure whether this career path might be right for you, there are a few matters to consider:

Understanding the Bridal Industry

One of the great things about the bridal industry is that you can choose your ideal customer. Some designers find their niche in luxury romantic accessories. Others target brides-to-be who are keen on buying unique items, reflecting their personal (and perhaps slightly quirky)  style. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” as they say. If you feel that you might not be the right fit for the bridal industry as you yawn at anything that looks like a scene from a fairytale – don’t worry – there might be more brides-to-be looking for a designer just like you than you can imagine. 

Attracting Customers

It is very common for bridal headdress designers to generate many leads simply through recommendations. Brides often have many friends in the same age – and, as we all know … girls like to chat and ask for advice!

While you are getting  established, you might need to take further steps to promote your business. If you enrol in BH&J Pro training course, you will learn about many different ways of how a bridal design company can be promoted, from traditional advertising to networking, running competitions and engaging with potential customers. 

In many geographical areas, there is a distinctive gap within the market when it comes to handmade bridal headpieces. Some ladies have specific requests when it comes to bridal accessories. Even after visiting a few bridal boutiques, they can’t find what they are looking for. Working together with a local company or with a designer who can dispatch bespoke jewellery to them is the best solution for them. 

Becoming an Established Bridal Design Company. 

The process as well as the timescale of becoming an established designer is very individual. One thing to keep in mind is that the time from the initial contact with the bride-to-be to the successful completion of her order can be longer than in other industries.

Ladies often take over a year to plan their wedding. S some brides-to-be you will meet at wedding fairs or in online discussions will be still choosing their bridal gown. 

To increase the number of orders during the first few months of trading, you could design a few jewellery items made with coloured components that might sell quickly, perhaps at craft fairs, shopping events for ladies or festive fairs. Or, you could advertise your business to a wide audience, to attract brides-to-be who are ready to commit to a sale. 

Bespoke Service

Once you read through our BH&J Pro tutorials and learn how to make individual wirework elements, such as twisted wire stems with beaded flowers or branches with crystal beads, designing bridal accessories will come to you naturally.

We have prepared a section with tutorials that take you through the process of combining various  elements into a decorative wirework. You can also discuss the process of combining wirework with your tutor. 

And even if you do feel that you are a person who could not possibly design anything … ever, then, (although we don’t think that this might be true) your tutor can talk you through how products from our Student Design Library can be adjusted. This way, you can still offer a bespoke service. You will also gain the right to use all Student Design Library photographs for your product listings. You can follow each project step by step, without changing anything, making each headdress look the same as on the photo. 

Staying in Tune with Wedding Trends

Many designers find that following wedding trends increase the number of their sales. You can follow other designers, wedding bloggers and editors on social media, to see which products are most popular. You can also browse through etsy shops to see which type of bridal accessories are selling well. 

One of your important selling points is that all handmade items can be adjusted easily . If there is a spike in the popularity of certain types of accessories, such as bridal hair combs, you could transfer the decorative wirework from your side tiara samples to hair comb bases. 

Is there Anything Else You would like to know about the Wedding Industry? 

This article was put together with the aim to give you a quick flavour of the wedding industry. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave your comments below or e-mail us at hello@weddingcraftsacademy.com We look forward to hearing from you. 



  1. I think my oldest daughter would actually be perfect for the wedding industry and i have told her more than once that she should be an event planner. She is very detail-oriented and extremely organized and also crafty. She is also obsessed with say yes to the dress so I think she could have a place in this industry. I have to share your stuff with her.

  2. These pieces are absolutely beautiful! I am a decor assistant at one of our local event planning companies and I love seeing all of the beautiful accessories and decor that comes along with the wedding industry. It is also such a great industry to get into becasue there will never be a shortage of weddings happening! Great post!

  3. I grew up surrounded by people involved in the wedding industry. I loved seeing the creativity and constantly changing and evolving trends. The head piece is such an important accessory for the dress, and as a designer you can create something that suits the bride, that can become a special keepsake to pass on to the next generation.

  4. Daphne takahashi

    What a great career! There’s always someone getting married and there are so many decor options, this industry is really creative and growing fast! Loved the hair pieces designs!

  5. I had no clue that a bridal headdress designer was actually a thing. But it has been over 10 years since I got married, so I’m behind the times. Being a bridal headdress designer seems like it would be a wonderful career. The ability to be creative and create custom pieces for a bride, and being able to attract a specific kind of customer. That would be a really fun and constantly changing and evolving career.

  6. For someone who loves to work with their hands, loves to be creative, and loves to make people smile, this will be a perfect career opportunity. From the look of your samples, they will learn a lot from your course! Each one is prettier than the last.

    1. Ivana Mearns

      Thank you for your kind words, Julie! These were designed mainly for students who don’t think that they could ever design their own headpieces and also to get our students started in their career – they are allowed to use the photos of these headpiece on their website and in brochures.

  7. Stormy

    Those headdresses are beautiful! I love the one that has pearls all over it! I actually didn’t end up wearing a headdress at my wedding because I couldn’t find one that I liked. I wish I would have found these beforehand!!

  8. Well, I think the wedding industry is expanding and as a business it can become very profitable. The more you know about this field the more you increase your options and profit ! thanks for giving us ideas on this field , I had no idea that this side of the wedding industry needs a lot of work !

    1. Ivana Mearns

      The good thing about handmade headpieces is that they are more affordable than bespoke bridal gowns but are still very special and personal, …. often handed down from generation to generation.

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