Making Macarons - Business of the MonthWe are pleased to announce a new series of blog posts “Microbusiness of the Month”. 

Starting from January 2020, each month, we will select one microbusiness, most likely from the wedding industry or the craft industry. We will ask them to answer a few questions and their pearls of wisdom with you. You will learn about their journey, their achievements and have the chance to read about their wonderful products and offerings. 

How to get involved? 

If you know of a business owner who might like to participate and would appreciate more exposure for their business, do tell them about us. The chosen business will be featured in this section of our website. The blog post will be also shared via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We reach 100,000+ viewers each month when we combine our social media accounts statistics so this is an opportunity not to be missed. 

To be considered please fill in the short form below: 

    The interview will consist of answering a few simple questions. We’ve got some sample questions ready (you can see examples below) and will work with the selected business, choosing approx. five questions for the interview. Each answer should have the form of a short but interesting paragraph. The answers can include a link to the business page.

    What do you like most about having your own business?
    Which of your products or services are aimed at engaged couples or wedding guests?
    Which of your business achievements are you most proud of?
    How do you engage with potential clients?
    Do you have any tips for start-up microbusinesses?
    Is there an overlap with your hobbies and your business?
    Would you have a funny business story you can share with our readers?
    Why have you decided to launch your business?



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