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Wedding Trends 2020 – What do we learn from Pinterest 100 Report?

Wedding Trends 2020 – What do we learn from Pinterest 100 Report?

Blog Post on Wedding Trends 2020 - Couple in LoveFor those of you who don’t follow social media trends, let’s start with a brief introduction to Pinterest and their annual “Pinterest 100” report.

When keeping an eye on the latest wedding trends, Pinterest is an invaluable tool. Setting up a Pinterest board is sometimes one of the first steps couples take when planning their wedding.

Pinterest boards can be very useful for communicating between wedding vendors and clients. For example, a wedding stylist can set up a personalised Pinterest board for their clients and fill it with images that reflect a certain wedding theme, to give them a flavour of what their wedding venue styling might look like.

Or, a bride-to-be might set up a Pinterest Board for her headdress designer, pinning photos of headpieces that can be used as inspiration for her bespoke bridal headpiece. With over 320 million people using Pinterest every month, this platform is a great place to see new emerging wedding trends. 

Couple in Love - Wedding Trends 2020 Blog PostPinterest 100

To make the process of following trends easy for us, Pinterest publish an annual report “Pinterest 100” at

In this report we learn about main trends and about the popularity of certain keywords. So, what do we learn about 2020 trends from Pinterest, based on their report?

Pinterest picked ten noticeable trends they share with us. Looking at these ten trends, if you are working within the wedding industry, you might be most interested in these three important trends: 

“90s Return” Trend

Pinterest are seeing an increase in searches for fashion accessories inspired by the era of 1990s. Users are looking for inspiration for 90s style hair clips, scrunchies and braided hair styles.

The popularity of hair scrunchies is heating up and according to Pinterest experts “Scrunchies are getting a makeover with luxe materials (silk, leather) and fresh designs”.

Other 90s fashion hits such as lip gloss and lip liners are also becoming very popular with Pinterest users. 

“Conscious Consumption” Trend

Pretty Decoration Made out of Wood, A doveThe trend of eco-consciousness is here to stay in 2020. Pinterest have noticed a significant increase in search for recycled bridal gowns and recycled fashion.

“Solar Light Crafts” is another new buzzword on Pinterest, with more and more users searching for light decorations that are lit up by miniature solar panels.

A recycled or “upcycled” wedding gown might not be for everyone but if you have a way of incorporating “something old” into your products, perhaps by pinning a vintage brooch to a bridal gown sash, your products and services might become increasingly popular in 2020. 

“Space Everything” Trend

Another 2020 design trend predicted by Pinterest is “Space Everything”. In wedding design, this could mean astronomy-themed weddings, jewellery with star-shaped motifs and wedding invites with the theme “Love you to the Moon and Back”.

At alternative weddings, we might even see galaxy style makeup with purple lip gloss and start dust eye shadows, who knows?

Why follow Wedding Trends? 

Not all wedding experts actively follow wedding trends. If you are a well-established expert, you will be able to recognise distinctive wedding trends from the orders you receive. But if you are trying to grow your business or are new to the wedding industry, offering exactly what customers are looking for might result in a significant increase in sales. 

What does this mean in practice? If you are one of our Bridal Headdresses and Jewellery online diploma course students, you could add a few designs with star-shaped crystal beads into your collection. Or, you could create a few 90-style hair clips and test how popular these are with potential customers. Feel free to get in touch with your tutor to discuss this idea further. 

Wedding Trends 2020 – Image Gallery

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  1. As someone who was married in the 90s Its good to hear that some of those trends are making a comeback. It seems to me that some of the trends you are writing about for weddings are similar to some Sweet 16 themes we are seeing. we are preparing a Sweet 16 for my youngest and all she keeps mentioning is stars and twinkle lights. We may have to start looking at some wedding Pinterest accounts for more ideas.

  2. Wow, I need to check out this Pinterest 100 report! I imagine it would be helpful for content creators trying to curate content to popular trends. It’s funny, my wedding ended up being very “trendy” even though I wasn’t following any trends I saw online. Just going with what I liked from what I saw in person at stores. But I got married the same year as Kate and William, and the style of my dress and certain decor ended up being very similar! So I think people end up following some trends whether they realize it or not!

  3. Kelly Martin

    I normally don’t follow trends but it’s nice to see that eco consciousness is on the list. It’s helpful for the environment and a good way to save money on your wedding.

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