Lucy Fry - Poet I am Lucy Fry of Lucy Fry Bespoke Poetry. The clue is in the name, but I write bespoke poetry for all occasions including but not limited to birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, retirements, and leaving do’s – but quite a lot for weddings.

Writing a speech or the thought of writing a speech can cause anxiety for people not used to talking or presenting to large groups and I take that anxiety away by writing the words for them.

Not only that – I write something that is witty and rhymes and in the tone they want. This means the result is totally unique which is what I think is special.

What do you like most about having your own business?

I like making the decisions. I can take advice and learn and then make choices which are justified to only me. I also love the feedback I receive from clients and recipients – that’s the reason I do it.

Which of your products or services are aimed at engaged couples or wedding guests?

Bespoke rhyming speeches for Best Men, Grooms, Fathers of the Bride, Brides, Matrons of Honour – all of the wedding party.

I have also written bespoke odes from the Bride to their Matron of Honour as a thank you.

I launched a new product last year – the hen poetry party where the hen party get together and share stories – and I produce the ode for the B2B from that. Not only does it help bond everyone at the hen do – the present at the end is truly from the whole group. Brilliant memories!

How do you engage with potential clients?

Many of my Clients become so through word of mouth and recommendation but also via social media and my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. For 2020 I am scheduling more wedding fairs.

Is there an overlap with your hobbies and your business?

Yes, my hero is Pam Ayres, and my style is similar although I don’t have her great accent. I’ve always loved reading and poetry and words generally. So writing poetry for me now is something I find takes my focus and it therefore a great mindful activity. The rush I get when I have completed a poem or when I send my draft over to a client and am waiting for their response is brilliant.

Would you have a funny business story you can share with our readers?

Hen Do - Bespoke PoetrySome of the funniest stories are not business related but content related – people have such entertaining, stories and memories and habits which I can turn into verses that make me laugh; such as not realising that they were being burgled and handing their hair tongs to the thief, or forgetting where they parked the car and reporting it stolen, or drawing on their own faces and then realising they’ve used indelible ink! Personal classics!

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  1. Nice interview and what an awesome idea for a business. I had to give a 25th-anniversary speech last year and it would have been awesome to have someone provide a great speech instead of stressing about what I was going to say. Writing the speech is sometimes more daunting then delivering it. I’m going to bookmark this for the future!

  2. I’ve honestly never heard of this service before, but I love the idea of it. I can remember how freaked out some of my friends were leading up to their wedding day, trying to figure out what to say. I am totally comfortable with public speaking and I even I found it a bit stressful on our big day. Having someone who can take a little of that stress away when you have so much on your plate is huge!

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