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International Wedding Shows – Learn about the Latest Trends

International Wedding Shows – Learn about the Latest Trends

Ivana Mearns, Wedding Crafts AcademyIt would be amazing to visit wedding shows all over the world, wouldn’t it?

I have to confess that I don’t pack a suitcase anytime I see a wedding show advertised. Although I have to admit, I am always tempted to!

Having attended some great shows in London and in Harrogate I wonder how these well-established wedding events compare to let’s say exhibitions in India, Dubai or Italy. 

I follow many International wedding shows on Social Media, to keep up with all the latest trends. If you want to know about launches of bridal gown collections by renowned designers, I recommend you do the same. You might also discover newcomers with fresh, exciting designs. 

I thought that you might want to see a list with a few of my favourite shows: 


Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 

Also known as “The Worldwide Epicenter of Bridal Fashion”. A great trade event, with side events that include Elle International Bridal Awards and BWS Barcelona Wedding Summit.

Milano Bridal Fashion Week – Si Sposaitalia 

Another great wedding trade show with everything you would expect – collection launches, eco-sustainable collections and a great mix of exhibitors and buyers.

Singapore’s Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show 

Held three times per year, this show is known for a beautifully decorated tent and amazing photography opportunities.

London, Manchester and Birmingham – National Wedding Show 

Always a very lively show. A champagne bar, catwalk, VIP experience, competitions and a great selection of suppliers.

Dubai – The Bride Show

This show attracts over 20K visitor and has its own unique style.

New Delhi – Bridal Asia 

The organisers describe Bridal Asia as a show that brings you “meticulously curated collection of bespoke bridal fashion, jewellery and accessories.” I particularly like their online magazine:

London – Asiana Bridal Show 

This show gives the impression that you’ve been magically transported to Asia and all the finest fabrics and gems are at your fingertips.

Düsseldorf. Germany – Interbride

Interbride is another well known trade show when wedding industry experts come together. You can expect anything from life music upon arrive to hundreds of vases filled with flowers suspended from the ceiling.

and more…

Bridal Fashion Show And of course, there is much more… New York Bridal Fashion Week, White Gallery London, China Wedding Expo, Hong Kong Wedding Fair, The Wedding Expo Johannesburg, Strasbourg wedding fair…. Each show has its own charm and attracts a unique mix of visitors. Some wedding shows are strictly “trade only”. Access is granted only to those working in the wedding industry. 

Maybe you would like to comment below and let us know where you are from? Are there any wedding shows in your area that should be included by list above? Wedding shows are a great way of following emerging trends so if you know about any shows that are true hidden gems, do let us know! 


  1. What a great list, thank you! I’m from Poland and we have some wedding shows here in Warsaw. I always want to go, but somehow the dates have never worked for me. I’m really hoping to go this year! We’re formally married, but never had a proper wedding party. It’s time to make up for it and throw one in a near future!

  2. Ann

    It sure is a hassel to keep up with the latest trends in all types of fashion, but that some of its beauty, dont you say? Oscar de la renta had some magical dresses when I was getting married… but the prizes 😀

  3. That is incredible you get to visit all of those wonderful bridal shows. I am in a relationship with an Indian man. We have decided that when we get married that we will celebrate both a traditional Indian style wedding and traditional American style wedding. Additionally, my father wants me to celebrate the Persian style of wedding, so we will more than likely have to do three different weddings for each. Thank you for sharing this. This just gave me some great inspiration.

    1. Ivana Mearns

      That sounds truly amazing Sarah, I love the Persian culture, their food and music are so nice! And Indian weddings are so pretty and so colourful – your wedding will be spectacular.

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