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Pink and Sweet – Nine Catering Ideas

Pink and Sweet – Nine Catering Ideas

With St. Valentine’s Day getting closer, let’s have a break from work and indulge in some romantic treats. We bring you nine simple ideas of pink desserts that could be added to a wedding menu or to a romantic menu for two. 

1. Pink, Sweet and Good for You – Cherries and Berries 

BowlLet’s start with a healthy option.

Pink comes in many different shades. Maybe your dinner could be followed by a healthy fruit salad or a bowl of whole fruits, such as deep-pink cherries, strawberries or raspberries?

You could serve the fruit on its own, dipped in chocolate or together with an indulgent  dessert such as chocolate mousse.

If the fruit you are serving is not the perfect match to your pink colours scheme, which might be anything from ballet pink to cerise pink, you could  use pink bowls, napkins or plates. 

2. Stylish and Sophisticated – Pink Champagne Truffles 


Quality pink champagne truffles are made with real Champagne, chocolate, cream and strawberries. They are typically dusted in very fine sugar, which makes them simply irresistible. They are definitely not an every-day type of chocolates are therefore perfect for weddings and St. Valentine’s day celebrations. 

If your skill set includes chocolate making, you could make your own. If you are looking for ready-made truffles that are just one click away, this is a nice company: You could buy a nice heart-shaped box with pink champagne truffles for this special occasion, even though champagne truffles are equally delicious if they come out of a round box. Or you could get carried away and buy one of the nice Chocolate Trading Company Valentine’s Day hampers, why not? 


3. The Ultimate Romantic Dessert – Pink Macarons 

Pink Macarons If there was a competition for the most romantic dessert on the planet, would macarons win? 

For a romantic dinner with a dessert served à la mode, you can’t go wrong with macarons. Macarons look lovely arranged on a plate or a cake stand, placed in a gift box or arranged into a macaron tower. 

If you want your macarons to be pink, you have many options to choose from. Raspberry, strawberry, rose, rose-champagne, pink lemonade and turkish delight are all popular when it comes to macaron flavours and they will complement your colour scheme perfectly. 

4. The Trendy Option: Beetroot Latte 

Have you discovered beetroot latte yet? This intriguing drink is a hot trend on health and wellbeing blogs. Beetroot latte is typically made with almond milk and without refined sugar or syrups, the sweetness comes from the beetroot.

To enhance the sweetness of beetroot, a drop of natural honey or agave syrup can be added, alongside with other ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon or unrefined cocoa.

Although this trend might not be for everyone, if you are looking for a treat that is pink, sweet and also good for you, beetroot latte is worth considering. 

5. Love is Cool: Pink Ice Cream 

Pink Ice Popsicles If pink chocolate truffles or beetroot latte did not catch your attention, how about serving pink ice-cream or pink sorbet? A few scoops of a raspberry sorbet won’t disappoint any food lover. Or maybe ice-popsicles might look best at your table? 

You could scatter some rose petals on top of your ice cream. Dried or fresh fruit will also look amazing. If you would like to use a decorative topping that will add contrast to you pretty pink ice cream, use fresh mint leaves. 

6. Grown-ups Only: Pink Cocktails 

Cocktails definitely won’t look out of place at any wedding reception or when served before or after a dinner for two. 

Some cocktails even have the work “pink” in their name. For example, “Pink Lady” is typically made with Grenadine, gin and white eggs and is decorated with a cherry. 

There are also many cocktails that have pink champagne as the main ingredient. 

Gin and pink tonic is another simple yet indulgent drink. 

7. Pink Foiled Chocolate Hearts 

Pink Foiled Chocolate Heart

If you are in rush, how about serving some chocolates in pink foil? Pink foiled chocolates could be used as table decorations. They could be scattered around table centrepieces or placed on top napkins. 

Many delicatessen shops, as well as supermarkets stock pink foiled chocolates this time of year so why not add them to your menu?

Pink foiled chocolates will look beautiful whether they all have the same colour or different shades or pink. For example chocolates in baby pink foil mixed with chocolates with deep pink foil will look striking. 

8. Ruby Chocolate 

Pink Hot Chocolate in a cupDid you know that there is a type of cocoa that is naturally pink? Ruby cocoa is used to make many different types of chocolates, including chocolate bars, chocolate truffles and hot chocolate. 

If you can’t decide between dark, milk or white chocolate, go pink! Ruby chocolate used be to very rare but is now available for many different suppliers. Be careful not to purchase chocolate with pink colouring rather than genuine ruby chocolate. To learn more about genuine ruby chocolate and to see an example of ruby chocolate chips you could visit:


9. Toppings and Sprinkles 

Pink Chocolate Sprinkles If you’ve already decided on a dessert but would like to add a touch of pink, use pink chocolate shavings, pink chocolate chips or pink sprinkles. Try to find pink decorations with natural ingredients. Some pink sprinkles are made with extras of beetroot or flower extracts. You could also melt some ruby chocolate and use this chocolate to decorate the dessert you are serving, whether you decide on a chocolate cake, a light cheesecake or stylish crepes. 

Many sugarcraft companies have a whole section dedicated to Valentine’s day where you can find anything you might need for decorating a romantic cake. You can have a look at to seen an example of an extensive range or supplies that are all perfect for adding a romantic touch. 

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