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Tying the Knot – Macrame

Tying the Knot – Macrame

Macrame as a Wedding Craft Business

Most handcrafted items can be made in many different styles. For example, if you are one of our BH&J Pro students, you will know that a handmade tiara can be made with large diamantes to reflect a glamorous wedding theme, with small pearls arranged in an intricate pattern to complement a romantic theme or with colourful crystals, to be worn at a funky wedding. 

Accessories complementing boho weddings can be made with less common techniques such as macrame. 

Macrame decorations are spot-on trend at the moment. There is a great shift towards sustainability and individuality in the wedding industry. As cotton, linen, hemp and wooden beads are all made of natural materials, couples won’t need to worry that by choosing macrame decor, their wedding might be a burden to the environment. 

Ready-Made and Bespoke Wedding Macrame Decorations

Macrame Wedding DecorationIf you are not sure where to start, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many ready-made macrame decorations available for purchase. We have included photos from Cox Cox, Gisela Graham London and Smith and The Magpie in the image gallery bellow as we thought that these are all stunning. If you are a wedding planner or are planning your own wedding and would like to have something made just for you, you could work with a textile artist in your local area. 

How to use macrame decorations? The Macrame technique can be used for making bridal jewellery, boho-style headpieces, bridal dress sashes, bridesmaids’ bracelets and other accessories such as wedding ring cushions.

When it comes to wedding venue decorations, you could purchase or make chair sashes, table runners, place settings ornaments, table seating plan frames or even large arches and photography backdrops. Macrame is particularly suitable for making hanging decorations such as flower chandeliers, hanging lanterns and wall decorations. 

Off-white and beige are the most common maracame colours as most macrame decorations have a natural feel. But there is nothing stopping you from adding a splash of colour in the form or colourful ropes or colourful beads. 

Bespoke Macrame Creations on Etsy 

We’ve searched the Internet for the best of macrame and found some amazing creations in Etsy search:

Books on Macrame 

We don’t currently have any courses on macrame but if you would like to learn macrame techniques, Waterstones sell some very nice books suitable for beginners:

Macrame – Photo Gallery 

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Launch a Successful Wedding Crafts Business 

If you are considering setting up your very own wedding crafts business, how would you feel about becoming a qualified bridal headdress designer? Our online course is suitable even for complete beginners and support from a qualified tutor will be available. Interested? Learn more >>>


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