Explore Writing Guest Posts as a PR opportunity during the Lockdown. 


Blogger working from homeWould you like to increase your online presence by writing guest blog posts?  You might be surprised how many bloggers and influencers accept guest blog posts. If you are keen on writing content for a well-known blog, simply visit the blog and explore the menu. Look for information on guest blog posts. If you find no relevant information, you could try to send an e-mail enquiry. And if you would like to write a blog post for us, just keep on reading! 

Bloggers might be able to offer many different opportunities. They might ask you to submit a story, to collaborate on post or you could be quoted as an expert in articles. You might also be given the option to submit product photographs to be featured alongside captivating content.

Keep in mind that there are no set rules when it comes to guest blog posts. Some bloggers might charge a fee to publish guest content, to cover admin fees or to earn income, some might be too busy to reply to your enquiry but some might be very keen on working with you.

The Benefits of writing Guest Blog Posts: Writing a guest blog post might generate sales, through online business exposure. It will also help you with being seen as an expert in your field and will improve your portfolio. For example, if you are a wedding planner or a stylist, mentioning your guest blog posts when you talk to potential customers might help you with closing sales.

Guest blog posts can also help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as links will be pointing to your website. The number of your website visitors is likely to increase. Writing guest blog posts can be also an excellent way of networking with other experts in your field.

Once you start working on your PR, opportunities might just start “jumping out” at you. It is not uncommon to be contacted by PR agencies or other bloggers once your guest blog post is published, with the view of future cooperation on more blog posts, news articles, podcasts or Facebook lives. 

Choosing the right blogs to write for: Ideally, the blog should attract your ideal clients. If you make wedding stationery, your article is more likely to bring in referrals if you become a guest blogger at a well-known wedding blog. But this will depend on what your business goals are. If you are happy with the amount of orders you generate, but you want to improve your portfolio, (perhaps thinking about selling your business later), you might want to focus on prestigious business blogs. 

Guest Blog Posts and a Call to Action 

Ideally, the blogger or influencer you write a blog post for will allow you to include a call to action at the end of your article. Here again, keep your business goals in mind. If you wrote the post to network with other experts in your field, it might be best to include a link to your Instagram account or your Linked-In profile, rather than invite readers to view your product range on your website. 

Guest Blog Post Opportunities at Wedding Crafts Academy

Blogger writingSince April 2020, we accept guest blog posts for consideration. We hope that our offer will provide much-needed support to small businesses during the current crisis caused by Covid19.

If you feel that you have a piece of content you would like to share with our readers, do get in touch to discuss your idea: pr@weddingcraftsacademy.com 

Our Readership: We have a mixed readership of engaged couples, wedding experts, wedding business owners and students. 

Our Content: Our publishing schedule is constantly evolving. So far, we’ve been focusing on wedding trends (the latest wedding themes, colour of the year, new design elements etc.) wedding industry news (trade shows, wedding industry updates etc.), inspiration for wedding planners, stylists & engaged couples (wedding inspiration articles, mood boards, colour palettes, quotes on marriage etc.), simple business tips (social media advice, management advice, advice on branding etc.) … but we are happy to discuss other ideas as well. 

All content written for weddingcraftsacademy.com must be interesting and informative. As you will understand, we will reject all guest posts that are too self-promotional and come across as a business advert rather than a blog post. However, we are very happy to include a link to your business website within the blog post. You can also supply your own images. Further guidance will be provided. 

Your Skills: You don’t need to be a top-notch journalist to write for us. An informal tone is acceptable, as long as the article still comes across as friendly and professional. All articles should be written in a positive, inspirational tone. 

How it works: If you would like to write for us, simply let us know what you would like to write about: pr@weddingcraftsacademy.com. All blog posts are on a mutual benefit basis. Once your idea is approved, we won’t charge you for publishing your blog post on our platform. The blog post will be shared via our social media accounts (Twitter: 10,000+ followers, Facebook: 2,000+ Fans, Pinterest: 150,000+ monthly unique viewers, Instagram 1,000+ followers) “Mutual Benefit” also means that you won’t be paid for submitting an article, you just gain online exposure for your business. 

Good Luck with exploring Guest Blog Posts! 

Good luck and feel free to leave a comment below, letting us know how you are getting on with guest blogging. 



  1. I need to focus more on guest bloggers and guest blogging. Like everything else, it comes down to time for me. I find so many other things that I need to get caught up on before I can look at guest blogging. However, having someone else’s article to post would take some of the burden off of me. Something else I probably should have focussed on during this pandemic but I got wrapped up in other things. I was hoping to have more articles finished to carry me over for a while and then life got in the way, again! 🙂

  2. Kat

    Guest posting is so great for reaching a broader audience. When i had my previous blog, I did an ‘Author Interview’ and this brought so much traffic to my site, it was quite amazing.

    If you ever need a health-related post (tips to get in shape for your wedding, my experience teaching Pilates to women before their wedding, anything along those lines) do let me know.

  3. I’d love to guest post for someone one day, and I have been asked to a few times. It is definitely a matter of time for me–I barely have enough time to write for my own site, let alone another one. This would be a higher priority if I didn’t have a full-time teaching job. It is a great way to increase traffic. If someone wanted a small Q and A session where they provide the questions, I could do that, but a full post is beyond me at this point.

    1. Ivana Mearns

      Yes, having a full time teaching job and writing million guest blog posts would require super-powers! You might be able to write some quotes or comments for others though, bloggers focusing on education or childcare might be very happy to publish just a short comment or a quote from a qualified teacher and they might be happy to link back to your blog. Good luck x Ivana

  4. Although I have abstained from guest posts on my blog till now, I am seriously looking at the prospect of opening out to guest posts as my travel plans will be on hold for sometime. I wonder what is the income that one can look at from guest bloggers.Your feedback would be appreciated.

    1. Ivana Mearns

      That’s not an easy question to answer! If you decide to charge for guest blog posts than the income will depend on what fee you charge as well as on the quality of your blog as that will determine how many guest bloggers are willing to pay a fee. We have a following of 10k+ on Twitter and our pins on Pinterest typically reach 200k+ viewers each months and we also share each blog post on Facebook and Instagram so we could easily charge for publishing blog posts but we’ve decided not to charge, as we are trying to build a community and make the blog posts appealing to our readers. It does take some time to arrange and edit each guest blog post so if you decide to set fees for your guest blog posts, you should consider time management and include this in your costs. I hope this helps? Ivana

    1. Ivana Mearns

      I think that it’s quite important to develop your own blog first, you might find some great guest blog opportunities if you build up your blog and showcases your skills this way. Good luck! Ivana

    1. Ivana Mearns

      Oh, how disappointing. If they told you they will pay you for your expert knowledge it’s surprising that they would risk their reputation by not paying. I hope that they at least included a link to your website in return for your services.

  5. Guests posts can be a valuable asset to your brand, and not just during these quarantine times. When you guest post, you can backlink to your own site, so you’re building credibility as well as link juice.

    1. Ivana Mearns

      Yes, backlinks are definitely important for every website and it can be difficult to find quality websites that will link back to other bloggers or small business websites.

  6. Daniel Sierra

    Guest post are really useful to help you get some traffic to your blog and build a a good relationship with other bloggers. The difficult part is to find good blogs related to your content that allows guest blog post.

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