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Entertain the Nation – Song Dedications by Gemma Turner

Entertain the Nation – Song Dedications by Gemma Turner

Gemma Turner - Wedding Singer

As we all know, Covid 19 has turned the world upside down. It’s very sad to read about so many wedding postponements.

The current situation is not difficult just for brides and grooms but for wedding suppliers as well. Many business owners are very anxious and a few are not even sure whether their business might survive. But there are many positive stories out there as well.

This week, we bring you a truly inspiring story by a talented wedding singer, Gemma Turner.

Gemma’s story shows us that if you are true star, nothing can dim your light!

Instead of worrying about her business, Gemma has decided to share heart-warming videos with song dedications, via her campaign called “Entertain the Nation”. The hashtag to follow is #entertainthenation.

Wedding Singers - Gemma Turner“I spent the first week of Covid 19 mourning the loss of my work, I watched in disbelief as my diary emptied of singing performances that I had worked so incredibly hard to get. Concerts, weddings and other solo performances have all been cancelled until July and even some of those are starting to look a little doubtful now.

As I came to terms with the loss of my work and the uncertain months ahead I started to feel so sad at what our nation is going through. I felt absolutely desperate to help and contribute what I can in the only way I know how. Through my voice.

Wedding Singers - Gemma Turner's WeddingI thought that it might help to connect people with their loved ones by letting me know a message and a song dedication that would mean something to either their Mum, Dad, Grandparents, to anyone in isolation facing 3 months of quietness, If I could help to bring them some joy and put a smile on their face then it might just brighten their day.”

I set up a campaign to #entertainthenation every day I record a song with a personalised message and upload it to facebook, Instagram and my YouTube channel and dedicate it to that person.

This is absolutely FREE, I just want to do my bit to help connect people with their families.”


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Gemma hopes to be back out singing for weddings and events very soon. If you would like to request a song dedication find Gemma Turner online:

Facebook >>> 

Instagram >>> 

Youtube >>>

Website >>>


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  1. Rosey

    My boss’ son and daughter-in-law to be had to cancel their wedding at the start of all of this. I saw a story on the news where family pics were taped to pews as a couple got married. That made me smile. 🙂

  2. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Such a nice voice and beautiful song. Thanks for encouraging positivity. Here in India people are struggling especially the daily wage earners. We are all helping as much as we can.

  3. Was only reading this morning about some poor couples who are honing to lose thousands due to venues refusing refunds and other companies struggling for funds, it’s heartbreaking

    Hope you stay positive and prosper when all this is over

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