May Mood Board: French Elegance 


As most parts of the world are still in lockdown, we thought that you might like a simple but uplifting mood board this month. Hopefully most of you are still able to get some nice treats such as freshly baked pastries or nicely decorated cookies. 

To add a stylish look to our mood board with a homely feel, we mixed up our sweet treats with some French style elements. And we thought that butterflies will be the perfect finishing touch. 

Feel free to leave a comment below, letting us (and other readers) know which of our mood boards is your favourite. If there is a particular style you would like to see featured in our future mood boards, or if you have a photo you want us to include, we would love to hear from you. (

about Wedding Crafts Academy Mood Boards: 

Each month, we prepare at least one mood board for creative wedding planners, crafters and engaged couples. You can use our mood boards for finding a wedding theme or to draw inspiration for individual projects, however small. 

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    1. Ivana Mearns

      I guess these could be combined? It would make the wedding theme very unique… “A Sleeping Beauty with a sweet tooth” wedding theme. You would not need to ask the guests to RSVP – they would all come!

    1. Ivana Mearns

      That is an interesting questions. I have seen some colour combinations I would not choose myself, such as chocolate brown and bright orange but the thing is, if the couple love these colours, it always works somehow. I was asked many times to add a few colourful crystals to a bespoke bridal headpiece, the most common request tends to be for purple beads. Once I had an enquiry for a gothic style black headpiece and black clips to be attached to wellington shoes… not my style either but that’s the beauty of bespoke headpieces, it can be personalised to match match any wedding colour theme.

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