While discussing the BH&J PRO login process with a new student, it occurred to me that it might be helpful to film a video for her and share this video with those of you who are thinking of enrolling but are still not quite sure what to expect. 

So here is the result… a virtual “tour” of our student interface. You will see what tutorials are included in the main course, what bonus files you will be able to access and how exactly it works with our student design library. 

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I hope that this video will shed more light on what exactly you will be learning.

This is a comprehensive online diploma course for those of you who want to master bridal headdress design and want to turn your new hobby into a business. As shown in this video, the course is divided into 12 modules.

Each module has part A with easy-to-read content, packed with useful tips. The topics include: beading components, styling, wedding themes, photography and wholesale, just to name a few. To find out what the rest of the topics are, please watch the video or read the course overview >>>

Once you sign up, the aim won’t be to memorise all the smallest details while reading. The focus will be on finding practical tips that will fast track your way to success. 

Part B of each module includes detailed hands-on tutorials.

You will learn the correct techniques of working with wire first. Then, you will make some jewellery pieces and a simple tiara with a few stems, building up your skills set step by step. At the end of module 12, you will master many different techniques, including working with diamante components and constructing decorative frames with crystal mesh. 

Does this sound exciting to you? Do watch our video tour and if you have any questions, just let us know.

And by the way, these are some of the pieces you could be making sometime soon: 

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