This month, we have the pleasure to introduce Charlotte Wade, a successful Etsy seller. 

Charlotte Wade Photography and Artwork Etsy shop is packed with amazing products and each product looks very unique. We have asked Charlotte to tell us more about herself and her journey of launching her impressive range of handcrafted products. 

Why have you decided to launch your own business?

I decided to start my own business after working in a really negative boring work place for 5 years after leaving uni. I have always been creative and I wanted to do something I love everyday!

Starting my handmade business has been amazing for my mental health and I have never been happier since work for myself, at home with my lovely cocker spaniel (the best assistant ever).

I love creating unique gifts that make people feel special, make them smile and that they will be able to treasure forever.

Which of your products make nice wedding gifts or can be used for wedding styling?

I make lots of handmade gifts inspired by nature and positivity using my watercolour illustrations. My handmade and hand painted clay ring dishes are perfect keepsake wedding gifts. They can also be used to carry the wedding rings on the big day it self. Both beautiful and useful.

I have over 40 designs from delicate florals to magical galaxies, everything to suit all wedding themes and colour schemes. I have also just added floral watercolour bridesmaid proposal greeting cards.

Which type of products do you enjoy making most?

My favourite product to make is the personalised ring dishes, even though all my dishes are unique and one of a kind my custom made to order dishes just feel more personal and special.

Where can potential customers see your latest designs?

You can find my handmade shop over on Etsy –

I have also just started a new Facebook group for my customers to show off new products and exclusive discounts – Charlotte Wade Photography & Artwork Group


Would you have any tips for startup businesses?

If your thinking of starting a business, go for it and don’t wait, I always wish I started sooner! Even if it starts really small alongside another job.

The most important thing is to enjoy what you do, you don’t want to dread Mondays, you want to look forward to your job. Mental health is so important and being happy should always come first.



  1. blair villanueva

    Weddings are my favorite events because it is also my source of great crafting ideas. I hope her business is doing well and not much affected by this pandemic.

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