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Six Quirky Entertainment Ideas that make Weddings Unique – Guest Post

Six Quirky Entertainment Ideas that make Weddings Unique – Guest Post

Although we might associate weddings with drinking, dancing, music and socialising, your guests will appreciate a variety of other wedding entertainment options, too! We’ve looked into some interesting suggestions below.


Magicians go down a treat at all kinds of events, and weddings are no different. Close-up sleight-of-hand magic tricks will bamboozle and entertain people of all ages. Most wedding magicians are consummate professionals who will show off their amazing feats without any awkwardness, and boast a range of tricks that are bound to impress.

Quirky Guest Books

Guest books are a common feature at weddings and have been for years. Your loved ones can fill your book with warm wishes, nostalgic memories, or even limericks. However, there are plenty of spin-offs on the traditional wedding guest book, including Connect 4-themed versions and glass wishing jars. You could even encourage your guests to daub their thoughts on your best man’s shirt!

The Pub Quiz

Do you love quizzes? Why not create a personalised quiz based off your favourite TV game show or pub quiz? Rather than asking guests about England’s ‘66 world cup team or the moons of Jupiter, fill the quiz with questions about your relationship, your preferences and the things that make you and your partner unique! You could even offer a prize to the winner – a few drinks at the bar might be enough.

Casino Tables

Hire casino tables to provide late-night fun for the grown-ups! You can opt for ‘fun’ casinos, where you play with chips rather than cash, so the kids and those without much expendable money can get involved, too. Roulette, poker, wheel of fortune, blackjack – the number of games available is massive. With croupiers handing out the cards and rolling the dice, casino tables will add an element of classiness to your wedding – as well as thrills and excitement!


Tell the DJ to take a break – you and your partner need to wow your in-laws with a rousing rendition of ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’, before your breathless grandma performs a flawless cover of ‘So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds’. It’s hard enough to resist the karaoke booth on a night out –so when the drinks are flowing in a venue filled with your nearest and dearest, your friends and family will be queuing up to show off their voices!


Start your future with a bang, and fill the night sky with glorious fireworks. While the flash only lasts for a second, your love will last a lifetime. Get your guests off the dance floor and out into the crisp outdoors so they can gaze at a firework display. 


  1. I would so be down to go to a wedding that had casino tables! A magician would be super fun to watch too. Sometimes you end up getting invited to several weddings in one season and it’s just so repetitive. These ideas would surely liven things up for the guests and create memorable experiences for everyone, including the newlyweds!

  2. Kevin Brotac

    My girlfriend and I have been planning our dream wedding for some time now. Nothing official yet, but I am definitely talking to her about having magicians or casino tables at our wedding party

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