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Eco Wedding Confetti made of Autumn Leaves

Eco Wedding Confetti made of Autumn Leaves

Gather Autumn Leaves

We gathered coloured cherry tree leaves, oak leaves and leaves from a small bush for our project. Other leaves will look just as beautiful. You might like maple leaves, beech leaves or walnut tree leaves.

Use a heart-shaped hole punch

If you don’t have a heart-shaped hole punch, you could use a regular round hole punch, making round confetti. For a themed wedding you could purchase a hole punch that reflects your theme, such as “butterflies” or “stars”.

Cut out small hearts

This project is very simple – all you need to do is use the hole punch to cut out small hearts out of each leaf.

Oak Leaves Confetti

This is what your confetti will look like if you use oak leaves. The colour won’t change much once the confetti dries in a day or two.

Cherry Tree Leaves Confetti 

This is what the confetti will look like if you use colourful leaves, such as cherry tree leaves or maple leaves. Once the confetti dries in a day or two, the colour will not be as vibrant as on the photo but will still come through.

Small Leaves

Using small leaves will make the project more time consuming. The small leaves with a heart-shaped hole can be used as decorations as well. As you can see on the photo, they look great so don’t throw them away! Bear in mind that some of the leaves will curl up while they are drying. If you would like to keep them flat, place then inside a book or a flower press.

Mix and Match

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to use one type of leaves only or if you want eclectic-looking confetti, made of leaves in different colours and with different textures and thickness.




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