It’s time for another inspiring business story. Business ideas come to life at various places, including NCT groups! Read this fascinating story about two ambitious and very talented mums who manage to juggle work and family life and are doing a great job.

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Why did you launch Time Flies for Kids?

We met back in 2012 at our local NCT group when we were pregnant with our first babies. We spent most of our first maternity leave planning and scheming about setting up our own company and by our second maternity leave we were almost ready to go. With backgrounds in primary teaching and architecture, the creation of our very own children’s brand seemed the perfect way to make the most of our education experience and design skills. Our main inspiration throughout has been to create beautiful products that will make life easier for parents like us. Our mantra is “happy kids, happy parents”.

Tell us more about your eco-friendly products.

Being environmentally minded, we wanted to make sure that the packs make as small an impact on the planet as possible. Everything in our packs is either recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. We’re really proud of what we have achieved in this respect. We are also working with Tree Nation to plant a tree for every 10 packs that we sell. Tree Nation plants trees in projects throughout the world and we’re really excited that our customers voted to support the reforestation of the mangroves in Madagascar.

Which of your products would be great for kids at weddings?

Our packs are unique and beautifully designed and are great to have up your sleeve whenever you need to keep your kids happy and occupied. We have two styles of activity packs that are both great as wedding favours for kids and also for keeping your younger guests entertained throughout your big day.
Our Magnetic Packs are our brilliant best sellers. These packs come in two different themes; Space or Magical Forest. Each pack contains a magnetic play tray, four board games with magnetic counters and spinner and two activity books, all designed by us. Also included is a set of twelve recycled colouring pens.
The Little Ideas Pack is our newest addition to our range: perfect for shorter journeys, family meals out, stocking fillers and wedding favours for kids. These compact packs come in a handy cotton bag and include a pocket-sized book of game ideas, a little notebook and twelve recycled colouring pens.
Both the Magnetic Packs and the Little Ideas Pack can come with personalised name tags on request.

Do you find balancing your work and family life challenging?

Starting Time Flies for Kids has been scary but also so exciting. It took a bit of planning initially to work out how to fit everything around our families. Having someone to work with has made juggling things like helping out on school trips and chicken pox outbreaks much easier. Plus, we get to meet up every day to chat, oh and to work!

Do you have any funny business stories you can share with our readers?

When we first started we were both still working part time and the rest of the time we had two toddlers, so we had to fit in Time Flies for Kids whenever we could. We had some very interesting venues for meetings including during a toddler swimming session at our local pool and in a supermarket’s bakery section whilst doing our weekly shop. We also often had to meet up late in the evenings, leading to some rather bizarre, sleep deprived ideas including the idea that we could make an activity pack based around the shape of an oven glove. Thankfully by the next morning we realised that this was ridiculous! We still laugh at the photos! 🙂

Would you have any tips for start-up businesses?

Keep going! There are always ups and downs when running your own business but keep plugging away and celebrate the wins, however small. We’ve found that collaborating with other small, indie businesses is a real morale boost. It’s great to have a sense of community when you’re a small business and others in the same boat are always on hand with helpful advice.



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