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Wedding Post Boxes – Guest Blog Post

Wedding Post Boxes – Guest Blog Post

If you would like to know more about wedding post boxes and led love letters, then you might love this guest blog post written for 

Wedding Post Boxes – An Essential for your Big Day 

When you’re planning a wedding, the number of things you need to keep in mind can seem almost endless. Centrepieces, invitations, the music playlist, people’s dietary requirements… the list goes on and on. It’s hard to know what to prioritise or to decide what’s worth splurging money on, especially when funds are limited.

Wedding post boxes are firmly on the ‘essential’ side. Your guests will bring you cards, vouchers and cash, and you will want a neat space to store them. Tossing them on a table or in a cardboard box is risky – someone could spill a drink on them, or a less-than-trustworthy guest or a youngster could search through your cards and pinch any that look interesting.

Gift-giving at weddings seems less commonplace than it did a few decades ago, and the norm nowadays seems to be giving cash and vouchers in cards. While there are still Wedding Lists, with brides and grooms providing attendees with a series of gifts they need for their new life together, the move towards cohabitation and long engagements could perhaps mean that couples already own waffle irons and duvets long before the date of their nuptials.

So a wedding post box provides you with a secure place to keep all the cards and well-wishes you get from your loved ones without any thieves getting their hands on your belongings!

The Wedding Post Box 

Traditionally, wedding post boxes have a design similar to the post boxes you might see on the street, such as the red ‘Royal Mail’ postboxes that are iconic in the UK. However, rather than a bright red colour, they typically have a more wedding-themed appearance; the may be coloured in red or built with a rustic wooden frame. The range of different designs and options enables you to choose a wedding post box that meets the other aesthetic choices you have made for your wedding.

Unfortunately, this might mean you’ve got even more decisions to make! You might want to find a wedding post box that matches the hue of your LED Love Letters or the décor of your venue. You could even find a quirky one that matches the unique character of you and your betrothed; if you’re hosting a Star Wars-themed wedding and walking down the aisle to Darth Vader’s Imperial March theme, then there might be a post box that suits your tastes down to the ground.

Or perhaps rather than a tall post box, a more subtle and subdued option might be more up your street? There are all kinds of secure boxes available in a wide range of different designs and styles, and some businesses that offer personalisation and engraving.

Whatever you choose, you know that the majority of your guests will encounter your post box as they drop off your cards and money, so choose wisely!


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