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DIY Christmas Cracker

DIY Christmas Cracker

We have another amazing tutorial ready for you! This time, the tutorial is by Furniture and Choice. To find out more about this company, please visit

So, who is ready for another simple and fun craft project? 

1. Prepare the materials

– Recyclable wrapping paper or brown paper
– Toilet roll tubes
– Twine or ribbon
– Scissors and glue or double sided sticky tape
– Cracker snaps
– Paper or foil-wrapped treats; or handwritten jokes to go inside the crackers
– Natural decorative items (sprigs, dried oranges etc)

2. Start by wrapping the toilet roll tubes

Line up three rolls of toilet paper tubes and measure out the chosen paper so it is enough to wrap around the rolls. Cut out the measured paper.

Wrap the paper around the tubes and secure using double sided tape or glue. Avoid sticking the paper directly on the two tubes at either end as these will be removed later.

3. Create the cracker sections

Slightly pull out one of the tubes to leave a space between this and the centre tube. Gently twist the rolls in opposite directions to create a crease where the twine will go.

Tie a piece of twine in a bow around the crease. Pull out the tube from that end of the cracker.


4. Add cracker snaps and fill with personalised treats

Add a little glue to one of the cracker snaps and place it through the center of the rolled paper, then press the cracker snap into the paper so that it stays in place.

Fill the cracker with some sweets or jokes through the open end. Then, repeat the previous steps for the other side of the cracker. At this stage, trim the ends slightly if they look too long or uneven.

5. Decorate the eco-friendly Christmas cracker

Decorate to personal preference. Little wooden stars or natural Christmas themed decorations like sprigs or even dried fruit would work.

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