Whether you are planning your own wedding or are helping someone else’s dream come true, either as a friend or a creative wedding supplier, we hope that you will like our simple wedding craft ideas. 

White Cake Boxes

Would you like to give out pieces of your wedding cake to guests? Or send a piece of your cake to people who could not make it to your wedding because of Covid restrictions? You might like these easy to fold cake boxes by Tara’s Wonderworld, an Etsy seller. 

Autumn Leaf Stamp 

We love these beautiful hand-carved stamps by PaperGrapePrints, an Etsy seller.

These stamps are made to order and can be used for decorating wedding invites, place cards, table seating plans …… or anything else you can think of!

Stamping is very enjoyable as it’s easy and no experience or special talents are required. 

Winter Wedding Arrangements with Sparkly Cones 

Are you thinking of making some simple floral arrangements for your winter wedding?

Try combining greenery with cones sprayed with glitter.

You could also add some sprays of berries or red flowers. 

Flower arrangements with sparkly cones will make beautiful centre pieces but could be also use to decorate flowergirls’ baskets.

To make this project as easy as possible, purchase ready made glitter cones such as these from Wedding Mall. 

Pebble Stone Place Settings

Write your guest names on pebble stones to create unique name tags. For best results, use acrylic paint. You could also experiment with simple craft supplies such as felt tip pens. Pebbles can be purchased in bulk and we love these by JerrysEllinikoCraft, an Etsy seller. 

If you don’t have a set of acrylic pens, you can find these on Etsy as well. Here is an example by Fuzion Products. 

DIY Vintage Wedding Table Seating Plan Tags Labels 

If you are looking for a simple DIY idea for a vintage wedding, how about these simple tags with guest names?

You could tie them onto a frame or an upcycled object such as a vintage suitcase.

Perfect for those of you who are not quite perfectionist as these tags can dangle slightly… no need for perfect alignment. Available from Arlotte Designs on Etsy. 

DIY Balloon Garland

Would you enjoy putting a balloon garland together?

Choosing the right supplies can become tricky and that’s why we love the idea of DIY balloon garland kits.

The one on the photograph is by an Etsy seller PartyTouchesUK.

It consists of 70 balloons in rose gold, white and pearl and looks amazing when put together. 

DIY Floral Tassel Garland Craft Kit

If you like the idea of a botanical look, you will love this DIY garland by an Etsy seller MayContainGlitterUK.

This garland is perfect for busy crafters as the elements are pre-cut which makes the project very easy. And you can keep this garland after your big day to brighten up your room.

View on Etsy >>> 

Pampas Grass

Dried flowers are a very common decor element at Boho weddings and eco-friendly weddings.

Sustainable and eye-catching, tall pampas grass can transform a simple flower arrangement into a showpiece.

Pampas grass looks amazing on photos and can be also used to create ceremony backdrops, tied to arches or other constructions.

You can find many different types of pampas grass on Etsy. Here is an example (by Carbon Row, at Etsy seller) 

Laser Cut Invites 

If you have decided on DIY wedding invites, gluing printed invites inside laser cut pockets or sleeves is one of your options.

Laser cut invites are lace-like and look romantic and special. You could also add satin bows or other embellishments.

To see an example of laser cut components, have a look at this sample invite by ImagineDIY, an Etsy Seller.

DIY Paper Roses

You might have seen giant flowers in magazines, in blog posts or at wedding fairs.

If you would like to make your own, you could design the individual petals yourself or you could purchase a template.

To find out more about paper rose templates, do have a look at this one by an Etsy seller Catching Color Flies.

With a template like this, making roses that all look perfect will be much easier. 

Personalise Your Wedding Shoes

Personalised wedding shoes make an excellent photography opportunity. The stickers you can see on the photo are easy to apply are are available from Oh Happy Party Co, a UK based Etsy Seller. 

The stickers are available in many different colours so you might be able to find a colour that matches or complements your colour scheme.

Add a Lace Trim to a Bridal Veil 

If you want to revive a plain bridal veil, how about adding a lace trim? This is an excellent way of upcycling a veil, maybe one that was worn by your mum or your grandma on their wedding day. 

The lace trim you see on the photo is available from Minerva Crafts >>>

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake

Sugarcraft is an amazing form of art and delicate icing can turn a simple white cake into a masterpiece.

But there are also simple ideas, such as getting white vintage lace to decorate a cake. We love this set of french lace segments and pearl decorations by Polkawolf and Magpie on Etsy >>>

You could add even more decorations, such a cake topper or fresh flowers.


How pretty is this stamp by an international Etsy seller Szczepanska Ewa >>>

We love the idea of using this stamp to decorate wedding favours, wedding invites and other wedding stationery. 

What is great about this stamp that the image looks hand-painted but it can be created in no time rather than by drawing the image leaf by leaf. 

Welcome to Our Wedding Mirror

Decorate any mirror or a wall with this beautiful set of stickers. You can choose from different colours to match your wedding theme.

Vinyl stickers are not too difficult to use and can add a wow factor to your wedding reception.

And a quick tip for removing vinyl: heating up vinyl sticker with a hair dryer makes them peal off easily.

View these personalised stickers on Etsy >>>


Foil Wedding Stickers

Seal your wedding invites with beautiful foiled stickers.

The same stickers could be used for Save the Date cards, wedding invites and thank you cards. 

You could also use these elegant stickers for decorating wedding favours. 

View these stickers on Etsy >>>

These stickers come in different muted colours and the lettering can be gold, silver, rose gold or copper. 

Filigree Heart Charms

You might recognise this pretty filigree heart charm as we have used these charms when making “Will you be my bridesmaid?” bracelets. 

There are many other ways these charms could be used.

You could be tied them into a bow when decorating wedding favours.

They could be tied to the end of a ribbon which is used as a book divider in wedding order services.

Or, they could be used to decorate place cards or table numbers. 

View these charms on Printable Heaven website >>>


Watercolour Paint Graphics 

If you love watercolour paintings and would love to include some water colour decorations on your table plans, place settings or table numbers, how about using ready-made watercolour graphics?

If you work with a stationery company, they will be able to guide you when it comes to choosing a suitable design that will match your wedding decor.

If you are making your own wedding stationery, and don’t like the idea of picking up brushes and paints, try browsing ready-made illustrations in image banks such as Creative Fabrica: www.creativefabrica.com >>>


Wax Seal

You might have seen, or received a wedding invite with a wax seal but have you ever thought of using wax seals to personalise bottles of wine? 

How much nicer will each bottle look once you add ribbon and a wax seal? You could use a white ribbon or a ribbon that matches your colour scheme.

We love this “WITH LOVE” wax seal from Not on the High Street >>>

Origami Vases

Marble is a popular wedding pattern. Marbling looks amazing when used as an effect on wedding cake sugar icing, on place settings or even on DIY paper vases. 

We love this DIY Marble Origami kit which is available from Not on the High Street >>>

DIY Garter

Would you like your “something blue” also be “something handmade by you”? How about making your own wedding garter? If you don’t know where to start, we have some great news for you. DIY garter kits can be ordered online. Everything, from lace to rose ribbons can be delivered to your door in one pack. 

We like this DIY kit from Not on the High Street >>>

This pack has been put together by The Crafty Hen sell and includes beautiful embellishments and even needles. 

Wedding Post Box

Many guests will bring cards for the newlyweds. It’s nice to be handed cards in person and read them one by one.

But given how hectic a wedding day can be, having all cards in one place and opening them at the end of the day might be even nicer.

Your wedding post box could be simple. This week, we bring you an example of a simple card box with gold lettering from Etsy.

This box will look amazing on its own but could be surrounded by roses or greenery, such as small eucalyptus branches. 

View this card box on Etsy >>>

Macrame Wedding Decor

Macrame is a great technique for making ceremony arch decorations, photography backdrops, bridal bouquet wraps, table runners and boho-style fashion accessories. 

If you would like to learn the art of knotting, ombre-dyeing, fraying and adding beads to macrame decorations, you might like The Craft of Creative Knotting by Fanny Zedenius, a paperback book available from Waterstones. 

Macrame decorations are typically made with eco-friendly materials such as hemp rope, so if you are looking for wedding decor that is both eye-catching and eco-friendly, this technique might be just the thing for you. 

View this book on Waterstones website >>>

Burlap Flowers

This week, we chose burlap flowers from the “bare basics” range by docrafts Papermania. These flowers have a lovely, natural feel are very easy to work with. Each flower is approx. 4.3cm wide and has a pearl centre.

These flowers can be glued onto place cards, table numbers or could be scattered around table centrepieces. They will also look beautiful when placed on top of a folded napkin, together with a printed menu. 

Burlap has a very nice texture that is perfect for weddings styled in neutral colours. Burlap decorations are an excellent choice for brides and grooms who have decided on eco-friendly wedding decor, perhaps even with some up-cycled elements. 

View these flowers on CraftStash website >>>

Glitter Dipped Feathers

Glitter dipped feathers are becoming increasingly popular. If you are feeling creative, you could use plain feathers and dip them in glitter yourself. There is also an easier option, as ready-made feathers with glitter are available form various suppliers. Feathers can be used as place cards, with name tags tied to them. They can be also tied by thread into a garland. You could even tie lots of feather to an arch, to create a photographic backdrop that looks angelic. 

View glitter dipped feathers on Minerva website >>>

A Drip Effect Hack

Do you love the drip effect on cakes but struggle mastering this technique?

Don’t worry, there is a very simple hack that will make your cake creations look professional.

Instead of worrying about the shape of the icing, you could use a drip cutter and cut the drip edging out of strengthened sugar paste.

Your cake will look professional and you probably save lots of time as well.

See an example of a drip cutter on The Craft Company website >>>

A small wedding cake

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cups

If you are looking for a DIY project to add a romantic touch to a wedding reception or a bridal shower, how about creating mouth-watering desserts, using chocolate cups? Ready-made chocolate cups come in many different shapes and sizes. We love heart-shaped cups by The Chocolate Company so we are sharing their photo plus a link to the product page >>> Chocolate cups can be filled with ganache, whipped cream or mouse and can be topped with fruit, chocolate shavings or any topping of your choice. 

Chocolate Cups - Wedding DIY Project

Balloons Wrapped in Tulle 

This project could not be any easier… you buy a few balloons and cut a few segments of tulle. Then, you need to wrap the tulle around the balloon and tie a ribbon below the balloon.  

This is a great way of matching the wedding colour theme as tulle is available in a wide range of colours. To see an example, you could see tulle in 68 colours on Minerva Crafts website >>> www.minervacrafts.com They even have a video showing you the tulle fabric.

Using tulle or any other mesh-like fabric is important. If you use organza or other type of woven fabric,  you might be disappointed with the results.  The edges will frail and you will end up with loose threads hanging at the bottom of the balloon.

While if you use tulle, you will be able to trim the fabric as needed, creating a square that will cover the whole balloon. You can also trim the fabric below the balloon easily to create the desired look. 

Balloon wrapped in tulle

Dried Flowers – Accessories & Venue Decor

Dried flowers are easier to work with than you could imagine.

You can tie dried flowers into bouquets using raffia, place dried flowers over napkins when setting the tables, create beautiful floral hoops, wreaths and decorative hair combs.

Dried flowers can be tied to ceremony backdrops and arches. 


To view examples of wedding decorations made with dried flowers, visit our Pinterest board >>>

To see an example of a DIY dried flowers pack, view this Etsy listing >>>




  1. Heart shaped chocolate cups is such a great idea. I love the looks and wants me to have some real ones.So I am dashing off to the fridge.Dried flowers decor has been one of my favorite home decor and we have quite a few creations in our home.

  2. Kat

    These all look like such fun crafts to try out. I especially love the edible ones, like the chocolate heart cups. It would be so much fun to create beautiful desserts for a party or wedding with them.
    I used to dry flowers as a kid, sometimes I pressed them in a book. I had a whole box full by the end and would put them in cards and letters I sent to people. Maybe a little dried and pressed flower could be added to the invitations, as well?

  3. These are such great ideas to make your wedding unique. I really love the balloons wrapped in tulle! I’ve never seen that it’s so original! And I’ve seen chocolate shot glasses before but these heart-shaped ones are so sweet – what a lovely idea for your wedding reception or bridal shower!

  4. Wow, so many great craft ideas for all types of weddings. Darcee & I got married last October and we had some neat things but I wish I had heard of that stamp by an international Etsy seller Szczepanska Ewa. That thing looks awesome and like you hand drew it. Also, I really like those burlap flowers. How creative are these ideas and none of them seem hard to make or to expensive to buy.

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