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Cyanotype Paper Technique

Cyanotype Paper Technique

Ready to try a new technique? I’ve come across these cyanotype papers on Etsy and thought they were fabulous. Disclaimer: The link below is an affiliate link. If you click through the link and make a purchase, we might earn a small commission but that is at no extra cost to you.

If you have tried this technique before, you will know how convenient a DIY kit is. View the DIY kit on Etsy >>> No need to mix chemicals and spread them across each sheet of paper. The kit containts paper painted with light sensitive chemical. This chemical is called cyanotype. You will be able to create photo prints using UV light or sunlight. You can use plants or other object for creating your beautiful prints. And then it’s just up to you how to use the prints. You could frame them, use them for making table seating plans, table number or very unique wedding invitations of thank you cards.

Instructions and a test strip are included. This is what the Etsy seller, DaisyBowCraft say about the kit: “It’s science meets art while painting with sunlight!”


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