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BH&J PRO – Free Sample Lesson



Now you have watched the sample lesson, what’s next?

I hope that this video gave you a good idea of what our lessons look like. Can you see yourself making the gorgeous pair of earrings shown in the video? Maybe you will watch the video once more, and pause now and then, while making the earrings?

The rest of our bridal headpieces and jewellery course has the same format. Sure, it takes more time to make a stunning bridal headdress but everything is explained step by step, just as in this video. Actually, many types of beads such as pearls and crystal beads are even easier to work with.

The BH&J Pro course is divided into 12 modules and you can take up to one year to complete the course. And if you ever get stuck in any way, you can let us know. No questions are silly and we will feel privileged to answer your questions and might even film short videos for you, to re-explain the techniques as needed.