BH&J PRO online diploma course is perfect for students who want to design and make Bridal Headpieces & Jewellery with a very Professional Look. The course consists of twelve modules. Each module includes numerous wirework tutorials with very detailed photographs, plus a lessons on practical matters such as personal styling, understanding wedding trends & vintage eras, photographing handmade jewellery or running a small business. 

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This is a sample lesson, which will give you a better understanding of what our detailed photo tutorials look like. 

In this mini lesson, you will learn how to make a sparkly diamante pendant necklace. 

You will need a simple jewellery making tool set, including wire cutters and round nose pliers. If you don’t own any jewellery making tools yet, you will be pleased to know that both wire cutters and round nose pliers can be included in your personalised starter pack. 

We will be also using a ready-made chain necklace, five drop-shaped diamantes in metal settings and five bicone crystal beads. You will also need a simple bail to connect the ornament to the chain and silver-plated wire with a diameter of 0.4mm. 

mini lesson - making a diamante necklacePlease keep in mind that this is a sample lesson only. If you complete this mini lesson and are not 100% happy with the result, don’t worry. If you decide to enrol into the course, our BH&J PRO tutor will support you until your work has a very professional look.

All techniques used in this tutorial, including cutting wire, twisting wire and working with diamantes will be also explained in more detail once you sign up. 

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To succeed as a headdress designer, you will need to master wirework techniques but you will also need to learn about different types of jewellery making components, about personal styling, common wedding themes and about the practical matters such as advertising and PR.  

We’ve prepared twelve modules for our students, with focus on issues that can help you launch a successful jewellery making business. These lessons will equip you with skills that will be needed when discussing bespoke orders with brides-to-be. when selling headpieces to bridal boutiques as well as when selling your handmade products online. 

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To give you a flavour of these lessons you will have access to, you can click on the link below and read an excerpt from Module One, called “Beading Components”. In this short excerpt, you will learn about pearls. If you decide to study BH&J PRO, you will also learn about crystal beads, diamantes and many other types of jewellery making components in this particular module. 

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We would love to welcome you as part of our family here at Wedding Crafts Academy and help you on your journey to becoming a successful bridal headdress designer. Working with brides-to-be is a very rewarding career and we believe that we have plenty of information we can share with you to fast track your way to success. 

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