BH&J PRO – Bridal Headpieces and Jewellery Online Course 

BH&J PRO (Bridal Headpieces and Jewellery) online diploma course is a comprehensive training course, split into twelve sections, to be studied over the period of up to one year. 

It is possible to complete the course in less than six months, if you practise all techniques frequently.

Feel free to ask any questions about this course before signing up. 


Students are awarded a diploma upon successful completion of the course. 



BH&J PRO Tutor:

Ivana MearnsThis course has been developed by Ivana Mearns, bridal headdress designer with over ten years of experience.

To view Ivana’s online portfolio, you can visit her website

Ivana has worked with hundreds of brides over the years and her designs appeared in various magazines, on stage and in films. 


BH&J PRO – How does it work? 

Once you sign up, we will give you access to your own student area on our website. You can watch a video to see how the login works, how the course materials are organised and what is included. 

The whole course consists of twelve modules. Each module has two parts. In one part, you will learn wirework techniques that can be used for making a wide range of bridal headpieces including decorative hair combs, hair vines, side tiaras, tiaras, hair pins, hair bun wraps, and many more. In the other part, you will gain skills that will fast-track your way to success in the wedding industry. Topics covered include personal styling, product photography, pricing handmade products and wedding themes. 

View the course overview (printable file) >>> 


BH&J PRO – Sample Lessons 

mini lesson - making a diamante necklaceThe course has the form of very detailed photographs, with step-by-step instructions.

You can try a free sample lesson to test the format on your digital devices.

View the sample lesson >>>


The course is also pack with practical tips for bridal headdress designer.

You can read a few sample pages about pearls, which is an excerpt from files with information on matters related to working in the wedding industry. 

View a few sample pages >>>


BH&J PRO Study Plans and Pricing 

This course has three different levels. 

Compare study plans, benefits and pricing >>>

The modules and bonus files included in each study plan are exactly the same. Some of you might prefer having a regular contact with a tutor who will keep you motivated and will provide guidance. If this sounds good to you, the tutored course will be the right choice. If you prefer studying on your own and don’t feel that you need support from a dedicated tutor cheering you on, you can purchase the self-study plan. And if you feel that you need support from a tutor as well as practical help with setting up your businesses, including web development, please e-mail us to discuss a personal coaching plan with practical help. 

Enrol now – One Year SELF STUDY COURSE (£320) >>>

Enrol now – One Year TUTORED COURSE (£850) >>>

The fee for the tutored course can be split into four payments, please click here if you would like to purchase three modules at a time (4 x £219)

BH&J PRO – How to enrol and what is included:

  • Once you join, you will have access to your personal student area on our website. 
  • Your student area will include technique overview files, plus bonus files that can be used for making accessories from our student design library (please see below). It also includes twelve files with information relevant to working in the wedding industry (branding, selling, photography, wedding themes, advertising and PR, the history of bridal headpieces etc., as described in the course overview.)
  • You will have the right to download all tutorials to your personal digital devices and use these tutorials as a life-time resource.
  • If you purchased the tutored study plan, your tutor will be in touch to arrange a personalised starter pack sent to you, with a selection of beads and other jewellery making components. You can view a typical starter pack here >>> The starter pack is not included in the self-study plan but you will learn about jewellery making components in modules one and two. A list of suppliers is included in these modules.
  • If you purchase the tutored course, you will have continuous support from an experienced tutor throughout the duration of the course and can send an unlimited number of questions each month (as long as these questions are relevant to the course). If you purchase the self-study plan, you will have access to a forum where you can ask questions related to wirework techniques, to troubleshoot any issues while learning the techniques. 
  • Purchasing any of the study plans gives you the right to make and sell all accessories from our Student Design Library. You can even download and use the photos for promoting your services. 
  • You will receive a printable diploma upon successful completion of the course if you choose the self-study option. We will send you a printed diploma by post if you choose the tutored course. 
  • You will have the right to use “BHJ PRO Dip” behind your name, in your portfolio and on your business cards. 


Student Design Library:

Here are just a few examples of accessories you will be able to make once you learn all techniques described in the BH&J Pro online course.