Let’s explore BH&J Pro course together.

My name is Ivana Mearns.

I’ve decided to create the course as clients and friends started asking me to teach them headdress making techniques.

Designing accessories for special occasions is a wonderful career. It can be a great side hustle too.

So, could this course work for you? And is this the start of your brand new, exciting career?  Honestly, that’s not for me to say. I do believe that once you start watching our videos, you will be surprised that wirework is not that much more difficult than let’s say knitting or crochet.

Finding the right resources, to get started, is crucial. I would recommend to watch my free video lesson, to see whether my teaching style suits you. If you decide to enroll, you can have a go at module one, and still have the option to cancel and request a refund, within fourteen days.

Here is a video that will help you understand what the student interface looks like. It also gives you and idea of what techniques and topics are covered. The video is around 10 minutes long, so grab yourself a nice cup of tea, or hot chocolate … and enjoy.

Student Design Library 

Would you like to know what you will be able to make, once you complete BH&J Pro online course? 

View our student design library here: 


All students who have been awarded BH&J Pro diploma are given life-long licence to make and modify the designs shown in the student design library.

This means that they can make, as well as sell the pieces shown on photos and modify them, to create bespoke designs.