Ivana Mearns, typingWelcome to our brand new video series “Super Simple Tips for Microbusinesses”.

In this section, you will find simple tips I often share with other business owners at events.

The aim is to help you make small improvements to the way you run your business, by learning various “hacks”. 

Ivana Mearns, 
Wedding Crafts Academy CEO and Founder

Post on Instagram from a Laptop or a Desktop Computer

In this Super Simple Tips for Microbusinesses video, you will learn how to post photos on Instagram, using your laptop or a desktop computer.

We will be using the “inspect” function, which is available in most browsers, including Google Chrome.

As shown in the video, you need to right-click anywhere on your screen and once you select “inspect”, you can then click on a mobile icon and start using the mobile view. 

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Advert Syntax

As website visitors and social media fans glimpse over all content before reading it, it is important get the advert syntax right. In this video, we will look at which part of your advert (or any other short piece of content) is likely to attract attention. 

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How to engage with Journalists on Twitter

You might have heard that journalist often look for new stories on Twitter….. Yes, it is true!

Watch this short video to find out how to find requests from journalist who are looking for business stories or comments from experts, for magazine, newspapers or even podcasts. 

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This section has been launched recently, more videos with Super Simple Tips for Microbusinesses are coming soon !