We love working with others! 

Ivana MearnsIf you would like to collaborate with us in any way, please let us know. Drop us an e-mail or give us a call >>>>

Once you get in touch, we will let you know whether we believe that your products or services might be of interest to our readers and we will try to find you a space in our digital magazine “A Handcrafted Wedding” or in our blog posts. Please see more information on product mentions and features below. 

Real Life Weddings 

Real life weddings, if selected, will be featured free of charge, alongside with a link to the photographer’s / suppliers’ websites. To submit a wedding, you could either e-mail us image(s) or send us a link to photo(s) on your website or on social media, whichever is easier for you. 

Product Mentions 

Simple product mentions are priced at £30 (in a blog post or in our digital magazine). Please e-mail us a link to your website or the photo of the product you would like to promote. We will be in touch as soon as we can to discuss how we can show off your products and get them seen. We will include your product images only if we believe that your products and services might be of interest to our readers but will gladly view any requests, even from start-up businesses and part-time crafters. 

Free Last Minute Spaces 

If you would like to see your products mentioned in our magazine or in our blog posts but have no marketing budget at all, feel free to e-mail us a link to your website or your social media and we might get in touch when filling last minute spaces in blog posts and in magazine features. 

Magazine / blog post features 

If you would like to promote a group of products or have your business promoted in the form of a one-page digital magazine feature or a sponsored blog post, please get in touch and let us know what your requirements are so that we can send you a non-obligatory quote. 


All businesses featured in our blog posts or our digital magazine are welcome to use the relevant badge on their website, on social media etc: 

View in more sizes >>>


Once a month, we publish an interview with an owner of a microbusiness and ask them to share their success story with our readers. This feature is free of charge and has the form of a simple interview. Product images and a link to the business website is included. To be considered, please send us a link to your website or your social media account(s). View an example of a Microbusiness of the Month blog post >>>


And there is one more way of how to collaborate with us – write a guest blog post. Guest blog posts will be published free of charge but must be interesting, informative and well written. If you have an idea for a guest blog post, do get in touch to discuss this idea further with us and we will let you know how your guest blog post can be fitted into our publishing schedule. We are happy to publish articles packed with wedding planning tips and useful advice. A link to your website can be included. View an example of a guest blog post >>>

Our Online Presence

We are active across various Social Media Platforms. Here are a few key statistics:

Pinterest: 140K+ Monthly Unique Viewers 

Twitter: 10.6K+ Followers 

Facebook: 2.6K+ Fans 

Instagram 1.7k+ Fans

Now also on Youtube

Media Enquiries

For media enquiries, editorial requests, photography requests, or requests for handmade bridal jewellery please contact our creative director Ivana Mearns directly by e-mail ivana@weddingcraftsacademy.com or by phone (0044) 07938 236 497.

We are keen on getting involved in public events and artistic projects of various kinds. Ivana’s handmade headpieces appeared in national magazines, at various fashion shows, on stage and in short films. Ivana also designed bespoke jewellery sets that were worn by Miss England 2013 at Miss World Final in Bali.

Our diary is always super-busy but do drop us a line is you would like to discuss your project, however small. If you would like to discuss blog mentions, affiliate marketing or any similar opportunities, please e-mail us at hello@weddingcraftsacademy.com

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Any questions can be directed directly to Ivana at ivana@weddingcraftsacademy.com 

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