Pricing can be confusing. We have developed an automated pricing spreadsheet to help you organise all your costs so that you can set prices easily. We have also put together a training course “Pricing for Microbusinesses” to help you understand costs, pricing strategies and various pricing tips and tricks. 

Training Course + Pricing Spreadsheet 

You can watch a short demonstration of the student interface and a brief explanation of what is included in each module before purchasing the course. 

In the first few modules, you will learn about different types of costs. You will also learn how to record these costs in your pricing spreadsheet. Then, you will learn about wholesale prices and retail prices and about pricing strategies. Finally, you will read about price visibility, handling pricing objections and making prices appear lower. 

You can purchase this online course here >>>

Pricing Spreadsheet 

If you have already purchased our online training course Pricing for Microbusinesses, you will be able to download the spreadsheet from your user interface at no extra cost. 

If you would like to purchase the spreadsheet on its own, you can purchase the spreadsheet here >>>

You can watch a free video with the full tutorial before making a purchase. As you will see in the video, we will be using a simple seven-step pricing system. To start with, we will record all our costs. Then, we will review all subtotals and apply markup to calculate wholesale prices and retail prices. 

The whole pricing system is split into seven steps and each step is explained in the video tutorial.

If you have any questions about this online course or about the pricing spreadsheet, please e-mail us at