BH&J Pro – One Year Course


BH&J PRO is for students who want to master making bridal headpieces and jewellery, using various wirework techniques and learn about the wedding industry. Please note that you will need a laptop, a desktop computer or a large tablet to be able to view our tutorials with detailed images. 

Please familiarise yourself with the course description and view our sample lessons >>>

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BH&J PRO – what is included:

  • Once you join, you will have access to your personal student area on our website. 
  • Your student area will include technique overview files, plus bonus files that can be used for making accessories from our student design library (please see below). It also includes twelve files with information relevant to working in the wedding industry (branding, selling, photography, wedding themes, advertising and PR, the history of bridal headpieces etc., as described in the course overview.)
  • You will have the right to download all tutorials to your personal digital devices and use these tutorials as a life-time resource.
  • You will have continuous support from an experienced tutor throughout the duration of the course and can send an unlimited number of questions each month (as long as these questions are relevant to the course). 
  • We will send you a personalised starter pack with a selection of beads and other jewellery making components. 
  • You will have the right to make and sell all accessories from our Student Design Library. You can even download and use the photos for promoting your services. 
  • You will receive a printable diploma upon successful completion of the course. To be awarded a diploma, you will need to demonstrate that you have mastered all essential techniques and write a short essay to prove your knowledge of the wedding industry.
  • You will have the right to use “BHJ PRO Dip” behind your name, in your portfolio and on your business cards. 

Once we receive a notification of your payment, we will review the application manually and will confirm your enrolment within 48 hours. Your tutor will be in touch to introduce herself and will provide instructions on how to log into your student area. 

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