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This spreadsheet comes with a free video tutorial which you can watch before purchasing the downloadable file.

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Set your wholesale prices and/or retail prices with confidence. Using our automated spreadsheet, you will be able to record all your costs (materials, packaging, labour costs and overhead costs such as insurance or website fees) Then, you will be able to apply markup to set wholesale prices and retail prices… the pricing system is explained step by step in a free video tutorial and in the “Instructions” tab which you will see once you open the spreadsheet.


The free video tutorial will take you through the pricing system in an easy-to-follow seven-step system.


You will be able to save a lot of time by entering all costs once only.
All fields will be brought over to all your product worksheets, as shown in the video tutorial.


You don’t need to re-calculate any costs, this will be done automatically for you by the spreadsheet. You can enter all costs as they are, alongside with postage and the number of items per pack. The spreadsheet will calculate all subtotals automatically for you. When it comes to overhead costs, such as insurance or website fees, these will be also automatically re-calculated for you from the annual, quarterly, monthly or weekly costs.


Some of you will want to keep your pricing system as simple as possible and will be using the basic fields only. As you will see in the video tutorial, there are a few optional fields which might help you bring your pricing system to perfection, such as variance fee (to be used if the cost of your materials fluctuates, due to seasons).


The spreadsheet is a MS Excel File, which does not contain macros. You won’t need to worry about overriding any formulas as all cells with formulas are protected. The spreadsheet will work with any version from 2010 to Office 365.


The standard version has 100 individual product worksheets which are linked to the worksheets with costs and final prices. There is no limit of how many times you can save this spreadsheet, which gives you the option to record an unlimited number of products, divided into various groups of products.


We aim to answer all e-mail enquiries ( within 48hours. We can answer questions related to the usage of the spreadsheet only. The support does not include personal coaching. We won’t be able to answer any queries related to matters such as marketing, competitors analysis or branding.


Please feel free to ask many questions about this spreadsheet as you wish before making a purchase. Simply e-mail us: Once you download the spreadsheet, we have no way of tracking whether you have deleted the spreadsheet or not which means that this spreadsheet can’t be returned. We therefore don’t issue refunds. By purchasing this spreadsheet, you agree to our our terms and conditions, including our no-refund policy.


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