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Handcrafted Headbands, Side Tiaras and Tiaras


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Learn how to make Headbands, Side Tiaras and Tiaras

This course takes on a journey starting with learning simple techniques, cutting and shaping wire, using a simple tool set, to making more complex wirework decorations.

You will also learn how to attach wirework to a headdress base, creating a headband, a side tiara or a tiara.

You will also learn how to line the headdress base with beads. You can use sparkly crystals to add a bit of shine, elegant pearls or create a pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

What beading components will I need?

We’ve used 4mm and 6mm bicone crystals beads, and crystal pearls in most of our videos. You can visit your local craft stores to look for similar materials, or order online.

The wire we used is silver plated wire with a diameter of 0.4mm.

You will also need silver-plated headband / tiara bases.

The technique demonstrated could be used to make headpieces with any other types of beads or flexible wire. For example, you could use glass beads and wire with rose gold plating, for a unique style.

Do I need any tools?

You need a basic tool set, to cut and shape wire.

We are using wire cutters, round nose pliers and chain nose pliers in the video tutorials.

These pliers are often sold as a set by bead store and online craft companies.

Can I design a headpiece for my own wedding?

Yes, of course. In module one, you will learn important techniques such as how to twist wire evenly, which I would recommend not to skip. But after that, you could choose only the design elements you want to incorporate into you bridal headpiece, such as crystal branches or diamante rosettes. You can contact your tutor and let them know what type of headpiece you would like to make, to get some personalised help. You can download any parts you skip to your device, so you can learn more technique later, after you make your bridal headdress.

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Your Tutor - Ivana Mearns

W – Online Crafts was founded by Ivana Mearns.
Ivana started making headpieces in 2006 and her designs have appeared in magazines, fashion shows, short films and on stage.
Ivana also designed crowns for winners or Miss Hertfordshire for a few year and her jewellery set were worn at the Miss World competition by Miss England 2013.