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12 Modules

Study at your own pace, learning from detailed videos.

1 Year Support

On demand support for one year. Learn from an experienced bridal headdress designer.

50+ Bonus Files

Plenty of bonus files, with tips on how to alter each design.

Life Long Resources

Download study materials to your own devices, to come back to them at any point in the future.

Become a Bridal Headdress Designer

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, a side hustle or would like to run a full time jewellery making business, we would love to share our know-how with you.

Making headpieces can be very rewarding. Once you learn the correct techniques, you will probably find wirework even easier than other craft techniques such as macrame, crochet, or knitting.

Making headpieces is also a good way of how to relax and how to look at the bright side of life, surrounding yourself with gorgeous sparkly beads.

Helpful Tips

As well as watching hands-on training videos, you can read about topics such as wedding themes, product photography or the history of bridal headpieces.

Design Inspiration

If, as a student, you are ever not sure what to make, you can copy the items from our student design library, and alter each design as needed.


You will be awarded a diploma upon successful completion of this course. A great way to show others that you are a true professional in your field.

Wedding Industry Insights

We always keep an eye on the latest wedding trends and share any important updates with our students.


Learn how to make a pair of very sparkly diamante earrings. Sign up for this mini lesson and learn how to form drop-shaped diamantes into an attractive rosette, with bione crystal bead that will add even more shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools will I need?

You will learn more about tools in module one. You could purchase a simple tool set from any bead shop, or purchase wire cutters, round nose pliers and chain nose pliers separately. We won’t be using any other tools or a heat torch, just very simple tools to cut and shape wire.

I am a complete beginner, what skills do I need to sign up?

All techniques are explained step-by-step and the course is suitable for complete beginners, as well as for experience beaders, who want to learn how to make headpieces with a professional finish.

How much is the course and what's included in the price?

The price of £320 is all inclusive, there are no hidden cost such as the cost of issuing a diploma. You will get access to the student zone, with study materials, including videos with hands-on training, magazine style text with tips on styling, wedding themes and other topics, as outlined in the brochure. You will also have access to 50+ bonus files and to the student design library.

Can I design a headpiece for my own wedding?

Yes, of course. In module one, you will learn important techniques such as how to twist wire evenly, which I would recommend not to skip. But after that, you could choose only the design elements you want to incorporate into you bridal headpiece, such as crystal branches or diamante rosettes. You can contact your tutor and let them know what type of headpiece you would like to make, to get some personalised help. You can download any parts you skip to your device, so you can learn more technique later, after you make your bridal headdress.

What is the Student Design Library?

It consists of designs our students can replicate, to practise the techniques they learn in modules one to twelve. Each design comes with a bonus file, with step-by-step instructions and with alteration suggestions. You can preview the design library at 

I love headpieces but I don't think I can design anything, what could I learn?

It might seem to a newcomer that it’s difficult to design wirework accessories. But once you learn how to make the individual design elements, such as branches and clusters, you will probably be able to put them together and create patterns, like if you were arranging flowers. But even if you can’t design anything at all, you can still make accessories from the Student Design Library and follow tips on how each design can be adjusted.

Do I need to specialise in luxury headpieces?

Not at all. Although most brides are interested in headpieces made with top quality crystals, pearls and diamantes, you could find a niche. There is a demand for accessories made with upcycled materials, for non-traditional headpieces made with natural stones and crystals and for festival style headpieces, just to name a few alternative styles.

What happens if I can't follow any of the videos?

The videos are very detailed and from the feedback we have received, the are very easy to follow. But if something seems unclear, you can get in touch and we will try to re-explain the technique you are not sure of, or film additional video for you, to answer your question.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by purchasing the course via the enrollment portal at 

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A Quick Preview

In this video, we will show you what the student interface look like and give you an idea of what is included in each module. You can study at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, practising each technique as many time as you wish.

1. Sign up Online

To access the course, visit our enrollment section. Your tutor will be in touch to introduce themselves and to send you log-in details.
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2. Discovery Phase

Once you sign up, you will have fourteen days to decide whether this course is perfect for you. If not, you can request a refund. You will have access to module one and to our discovery phase video.

Unlock all Twelve Modules

Once the discover phase is over, you will get instant access to all twelve modules, and to bonus files. You can study at your own time and can take up to one year to complete the course.

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Your Tutor - Ivana Mearns

The Wedding Crafts Academy was founded by Ivana Mearns.
Ivana started making headpieces in 2007 and her designs have appeared in magazines, fashion shows, short films and on stage.
Ivana also designed crowns for winners or Miss Hertfordshire for a few year and her jewellery set were worn at the Miss World competition by Miss England 2013.
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